A Centralised meme token on its way to bring the meme season back with a spooky touch while providing passive income to holders in BUSD.

P2E Games, NFTs, High APY Staking, as well a lot more yet to be announced.

Our utility trailer!

Introduction to Halloween floki

Halloween Floki is a deflationary BEP-20 token created by a team of experienced developers from different parts of the world. The token in particular is designed to provide a passive income to the holders. The BUSD rewards from every transactions are automatically added to holder’s wallets without the holders needing to manually claim them. The amount of BUSD grow in your wallet as HFLOKI coin holders automatically receive a 8% fee from every on chain transaction that happens on the HFLOKI ecosystem.


**The below charts shows the distribution of tokens not tax rate on transactions!**

Transaction tax and other details

8% BUSD rewards

The 8% cut out of every transaction helps the holders to get a passive income, depending on the volume.

1% sustainability tax

The 1% of every transaction will go to a wallet which will have the team to ensure continuous growth of the project, such as marketing, listing, etc.

1% liquidity tax

1% of every transaction will go directly to the liquidity pool, which will make sure that the pancakeswap is processing the transactions smoothly.

other benefits

The contract allows the team to decrease the tax when needed. Hence, In the upcoming future rewards can be increased and sustainability tax might be reduced.

Frequently asked questions

We chose BUSD for stable rewards as it is the Prime stablecoin on binance smart chain and backed by Binance itself.

The majority of the top wallets include, 4% sustainability wallet, 4% treasury, 2.5% Staking and 2% airdrop. 
They doesn't increase any risk of price crashes. They actually help team in keeping the ecosystem running!

Set the slippage to 10 - 12%.

HFloki team have the control over the contract to reduce and make changes to the transaction tax when needed, such as, reducing sustainability tax and an increment to BUSD rewards. On community demand, the contract can be renounced in future.

The lead team consists like-minded individuals with years of experience in crypto infrastructure, management etc. from all over the world. 

In the due time, the team may get doxxed. or not.

The total tax on each transaction is 10%, which goes towards, 8% BUSD rewards, 1% sustainability wallet and 1% to the liquidity pool. 

Also, we chose BEP-20 to build our project as its provided the lowest fee in DeFi transactions.